Saturday, January 14, 2006

What is Europe and America smoking?

Europe and America are calling for sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. Below my posting in today's Jerusalem Post on the subject.

UN SANCTIONS--MARK KLEIN,M.D. - USA 01/14/2006 04:01

What is the United States and Europe smoking?

Almost a certainty in the unlikely event additional sanctions occur, Iran will resign from the UN setting the stage for potential nuclear weapons power states to follow suit. The smart strategy is to lift all current trade sanctions and for Washington to restore full diplomatic relations with Iran. We faced the same situation when the Germans left the League of Nations in 1930s. Like today, western governments think winning the newscycle at home is more important than being realistic. Had the allies tried sunshine rather than a vinegar on the Hitler regime we might have bought enough time for the natural forces of political change to bring down the Nazis. Nations, like people, with nothing left to lose are very dangerous.

If I make the White House in 2008, there will be a really new foreign policy.

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