Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Playing with fire

My new grandson!!!

The reported plot by UK fathers' rights extremists, who perceive themselves the hapless victims of an out of control family court system, to kidnap PM Blair's 5 year old son suggests our greatest terrorist risks are domestic. It is only a matter of time before a severely distraught non custodial parent financially ruined by divorce, and deprived of meaningful contact with his or her child, will take revenge on society by destroying a city with a homemade WMD. I addressed that risk in the below letter to a senate staffer involved in the appropriation process for America's intellectually and morally bankrupt family policy scheme.

February 20, 2005
Mr. Scott Fleming
Senate Committee on Health, Education & Pensions
Washington, D.C. (via fax)

Dear Mr. Fleming:

Congress must address as a BIPARTISAN matter imposing sharp funding cuts for the HHS Administration for Children and Families’ (ACF) child support collection activities this year as the first step to quickly sunset this program. ACF’s child support regulations magnifies the inherent instability of most contemporary marriages which are predicated on little more than transient romantic feelings. ACF policy accelerates the divorce rate, alienates children from parents, and jeopardizes national security by undermining an effective, deployable army reserve and National Guard.

Federal family child support policy finances maladaptive behavior accelerating the divorce rate as did the welfare system destroyed the black family prior to its wholesale reform during the Clinton administration. Given our 50% divorce rate within a generation less than 20% of American children will be raised in two parent households. At that point the majority of the young adult population will consist of rootless, restless, angst ridden young souls susceptible for seduction by a totalitarian ideology in the way the Nazis captured the hearts and minds of Germany's demoralized WWI veterans.

Like casino gambling, for the states divorce has become a major revenue source! Federal financial incentives remove the moral and political incentive for the states taking the initiative to reduce divorce rates. For divorcing middle to upper middle class couples the federal government’s financial incentives paid to states to collect and enforce child support (Title 42, Chap 7, Subchapter 4, part D, sec. 666) encourages states to set payment levels so high as to encourage women to divorce. Women currently initiate almost three quarters of divorces. High child support levels are the divorce equivalents of corporate “golden parachutes”. The same regulations discourage poor men from undertaking marriage at all which helps explain why the unwed motherhood rate amongst low income women is so high. If the states funded child support collection from their tax dollars, voters would quickly insist on laws to discourage divorce, and family court reform to prevent children from becoming alienated from either parent.

Because 42 Sec 666 sub sec(a), para (9) part c (Bradley Amendment) bars courts from reducing child support arrearages, THOUSANDS OF RESERVISTS WILL RETURN HOME TO FACE FINANCIAL RUIN AND EVEN JAIL! THAT WOULD CONSTITUTE THE FINAL NAIL IN THE RECRUITING AND RETENTION COFFIN OF OUR ACTIVE RESERVES. . Very few reservists with child support obligations had the time before deployment to Iraq apply to state family courts for reductions on the grounds their military pay was insufficient to meet their current obligation. Once arrearages reach $5,000, they are subject to imprisonment, loss of driver's and professional licenses, and denied passports.

ACF’s extremely aggressive, punitive child collection enforcement methods have so demoralized many divorced fathers they suffer mental illness, attempt suicide, become violent with former spouses and children, or become TERRORISTS. The recent mass casualty Los Angeles train derailment was suicide terrorism by a estranged father motivated to seek revenge on the general public because a family court financially ruined and barred him from seeing his children. Only a matter of time before there’s a WMD attack leading to the destruction of an American city.

Almost every aspect of the budget, and the national economy, is negatively affected by the federal government’s perverse financial incentives promoting divorce. Shattered families produce heartbroken parents and children who are more likely to experience mental and physical health problems, and diminished incomes. More divorces mean more single parents competing for scarce housing which drives up prices and interest rates. That’s just the tip of iceberg of today’s astronomical divorce rates adverse effects on the economy, and derivatively on federal, state and local budgets.

Failure to reform federal family policy jeopardizes our national existence. Radical Islam’s relentless assault suggests an underlying strategy to capitalize upon the social, economic and political ramifications of collapse of the family to trigger a internal political collapse mirroring how our uncompromising Cold War military containment and anti-communist propaganda campaign policies led to the almost overnight political disintegration of the Soviet Union.
Please distribute this letter to the committee members and staff. I request an invitation to testify re the ACF budget request.

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