Friday, January 20, 2006

Lone wolf terrorism

The UK government made a grave political error with national security implications by so stone walling legitimate demands for family law reform by Fathers-4-Justice the group disintegrated.

The precipitating event, an alleged plot to kidnap PM Blair's son, reflected the depth of rage and sorrow of membership deprived of meaningful relationships with their children, and often impoverished by unrealistically high child support orders.,wmv-56-

Such intergalactic political stupidity creates the perfect scenario for a deranged "lone wolf" terrorist with modest scientific training to explode a dirty bomb, or a biological weapon. Large areas of central London could be made unliveable for decades by contamination with gamma emitting radioactive particles, or anthrax spores.

The well spring for revolution is a smug, self-righteousness governing elite contemptuous of dissenters espousing politically incorrect thoughts.

The grimmest dictatorship is the dictatorship of the prevailing orthodoxy.

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