Sunday, January 29, 2006

Don't repeat the mistake we made with the Nazis with Hamas

We must not make same tragic error with Hamas as we did with the early Nazi regime.

So despicable was very easy to get the world community to condemn and ostracize Nazi Germany. We won the pr war but ended up with a world in flames and countless millions killed.

Like the Nazis, Hamas draws popular support not for its program of Jew hatred, but from the profound despair of ordinary people living hand to mouth.

Had the West applied balm instead of vinegar in dealing with Nazis we might have bought enough time for the natural forces of political change to work its magic. Same is true for Hamas. If it holds to a ceasefire, and curbs terror, a successful Hamas economic and social program will stabilize Palestinian society to the point Israel could negotiate a final settlement which would stick.

Very dangerous to look down upon and consider unworthy of help unhappy people with whom you have no natural connection, or empathy for.

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