Saturday, January 07, 2006

Childhood obesity in rural New Mexico is shocking.

Went into a supermarket in a rural town south of Albuquerque today. Shocked by the number of very obese toddlers and young children. Their mothers were also very overweight.

Pretty clear the problem is the packaged food the moms were buying. For example, the mother with 3 obese children in front of me at the checkout bought frosted cookies, ice cream, high fat snacks, and t.v. diners. My guess she's a working mother without the time to cook proper meals for her family.

Came home tonight. A very successful trip. Recruited 4 real "warriors", three women and a man, for my campaign.

Means everything to me to be able to invest the last quarter of my life for the benefit of the America I love, and more particularly for my children's and grandchildren's generation. I am truly blessed to have the financial resources, time, motivation, and the personality skills to attract dedicated volunteers to support my efforts.

Breathtakingly exhilarating and scary at the same time that I believe to my core I'm the right person to lead America, and the world into 21st century. I cautioned my team about the emotional costs. The focus and energy required exacts a toll. More me it's sleep often punctuated by anxious dreams. I take comfort when I read the truly greatest national leaders of all time, like Lincoln, struggled daily with inner demons.

Never felt God's presence in my life more intensely as I do now.

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