Saturday, January 21, 2006

Breathtaking emotional magic returns after 50 years

Front row left to right: Bob Levine, Jim Scheider, Mark Klein, Jimmy Gross, Dick Merbaum; Rear: L. Libenson, Don Robinson, J. Orange, Jeff Kaffee, Jerry Marks, Steve Danetz, Hugh Baum, Mike Richman, Kenny Lazar, Jeff Koenig, Arnie Fructer, Coach Frank Branca. Undefeated Traphagen won the 1956 Mt. Vernon, NY public junior high school championship for the first time!

Realized recently the emotional connection I've formed with my campaign team is identical with how I felt towards my childhood athletic teammates. Such feelings are truly unique. Indescribable emotional magic. How blessed am I to experience them again!

It's a clue to the psychology of what drives the core leadership of organized human action in every sphere.

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