Saturday, January 28, 2006

Big pharma shares--unsafe at any speed!!!!

The FDA approved Pfizer's inhaled powdered insulin requiring a high pressure inhaler. Chronic exposure of lung tissue to any kind of dust is DANGEROUS.

Even in the clinical trials there were respiratory problems serious enough to warrant a recommendation for baseline pulmonary function testing before prescribing. As a physician for almost 40 years, better believe most doctors won't bother because patients and/or their insurance carriers will balk at the expense.

Release of this kind of drug is a prescription for a major public health disaster. Good chance 10-20 years from now given the magnitude of the diabetes epidemic inhaled insulin will become the new "asbestos" disaster with large numbers of patients turning up with crippling pulmonary fibrosis.

My recent experience successsfully objecting to the licensing of Intrinsa, the so-called female Viagra, on safety issues taught me to be very suspicious of big pharma drug applications. As an investor, I no longer hold big pharma stocks because I've lost confidence in their capacity to play it straight.

The larger issue is the health community, drug companies, and media are totally addicted to political correctness. The obesity driven diabetes epidemic could be easily reversed by facing facts. For example, reducing the financial pressures on families by curbing funny money mortgages would pop the housing price bubble. Lower mortgage payments mean moms and dads could choose to work fewer hours. Hence more time to prepare home cooked meals and supervise the children's snacking.

There are two sacred political cows nowadays--escalating housing price are good for the economy, and defining feminine virtue as working the most possible hours.

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