Friday, January 06, 2006

Albuquerque journal--Friday

Very successful day recruiting new volunteer activists ready, willing and able to do serious work for my campaign. Like my current staff they are men and women so burned by the family court system they want to really change things. That can only happen by having a real friend in the White House.

They also identified with my overall policy agenda which addresses the inceasing unaffordability of middle class family life.

Last night took a long drive north on the freeway towards Santa Fe. Stopped at an Indian casino to look around. Somewhat grungy establishment filled with working and middle class people feeding theirmodest incomes into the slots, or playing blackjack. Always wonder when I see places like this how many families go without necessities because our moral midget state and federal government cares nothing for the welfare of families. The regulators are in the disease promotion business given habitual gambling is an incurable neurological disorder.

No wonder Abramoff was making tens of millions in lobbying fees promoting Indian gambling. Great business creating brain damaged customers who once incurably ill can't stop buying your product--a system guaranteed to create financial losses for customers!

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