Sunday, December 18, 2005

Time to bring Hamas into the political process

(above photo--copywrite 2005 Mark Klein. All rights reserved.)

We're Hi-N-Dry in the ME peace process by keeping groups like Hamas out the political process.

Were Hamas to succeed at the polls they'd discover there's a world of difference between being an underground resistance movement and the daily business of governing.

Their core constituency, the Palestinian poor, want economic advancement and more freedom. Only way to do that is to cooperate with Israel, and show the international donor community they are practical people. The Europeans, deeply rattled by domestic Islamic terrorism, will demand Hamas surrender violence as a condition for getting a real piece of the economic aid pie.

Were Israel to accept the idea that the best that can be achieved with the Palestinians is a very cold peace, it would easier to accept dealing with Hamas. Like former spouses who detest each other politely cooperating for the sake of the children.

Re the Palestinians good fences will make for good neighbors. So what they don't come over for dinner!

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