Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cabin fever

photo--copywrite 2005, Mark Klein-All rights reserved.

Been raining for past couple of days keeping me out of my beloved garden. Probably will get disbarred by the psychiatric community but for folks with the right temperment and a love for the beauty of living things gardening is very theraputic. When I get that "I've simply had it feeling", the cure is sitting in the sun pulling weeds and pruning. Very lucky to have perfect unobstructed east west exposure.

One sign reflecting how hard people work today is I'm the only serious gardener in my area. A pity because the Oakland hills enjoy such temperate weather year round and the local nurseries stock wonderful plants all year. The weather is so mild my garden looks no different in late December than in mid-summer. Of course, I do a lot of maintenance, fertilize generously and water twice daily except on rainy days. I also think my plants do well because they sense I care about them. Oops, maybe I said too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The purple flowers with yellow centers are violas. The round reddish-pink one with the white border is dianthus.)

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