Tuesday, November 22, 2005

So hard for young people today

The checkout clerk, a 35 year old, single woman, at a Berkeley nursery today told me she was born and raised in the Oakland area but there's no way she could afford to buy a home.

Wages are so depressed it's no wonder so few people living in the East Bay, even in the nicer neighborhoods, have attractive well maintained gardens.

Attractive yet ordinary easily available plants are very expensive in relation to earnings. For example, today I bought 5 pyrocanthus bushes for $40 each and 2 gymnospumums for $33 apiece. That's a week's after tax wages for someone making about $10/hour.

Money aside most people today work so hard they don't have the time to garden. Watering, weeding and pruning consume lots of time and energy.

Told a neighbor yesterday I want to be remembered as the "flower man" by the children who so admire my garden when they pass by. Like to imagine years hence after they're grown they'll talk about the tall man whose name they never knew with the magic garden replete with brightly colored flowers, statues, and tethered Balinese dragon, boat, and insect kites. The kites add kinetics to the inherent beauty of the garden.


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