Sunday, November 13, 2005

Is feminist ideology today's Lyenkoism?

I suspect one reason for the current very high divorce rate is today's young adults are the first large scale generation of the children of a divorce culture. I postulate familial conflict with largely absent fathers short circuited the normal development of neurological structures responsible for empathy and sustained love.

I'm very impessed by shallowness of the emotional commitment young people exhibit today. In fact, such defects run deeper in women. That's why men suffer so terribly nowadays in divorces involving children. They pay a very steep price for an inherently stronger biological capacity for empathy and love.

Feminist theory about the uselessness of fathers reminds me of the Soviet era crackpot scientist Lysenko Moscow put in charge of Russian biology because he believed fervent adherence to Communist ideology could change the structure of the believer's genetics.


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