Friday, November 04, 2005

Easy to forget how prosperous the middle class was only 30 years ago

Watched the original version of "Fun With Dick & Jane" last night starring Jane Fonda and George Seagal. Made in the mid-1970s the story of a spendthrift couple with no savings who turn to a life of crime after Seagal, an aerospace engineer and sole breadwinner, is laid off. They live in a large Los Angeles suburban area home on a very large lot with a fulltime housekeeper all on an engineer's salary.

Jane and George complain about the payments on a $70,ooo mortgage on a house likely to cost well over a million dollars today. Clear the couple could afford the home had they showed some financial restraint by not buying very fancy landscaping and installing a large, heated pool.

But that was before feminist careeerism took off to earn women the right to work for nothing because nowadays it takes two family incomes to almost equal the buying power of one had only 30 years ago.


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