Saturday, October 08, 2005

We're very close to the point of no return

Yesterday, I saw the sports betting movie "Two for the Money", a gambling retelling of movies like "Wall Street" and "Boiler Room". Very entertaining and informative about how the sports betting business works, the portrayal of compulsive gamblers supports my view such behavior is a neurological disorder.

The film also presents a very dark view of the American family, the effects of divorce on children, and the dearth of real economic opportunity for even college educated young adults. The protagonist, a young college graduate from a broken home, is miraculously plucked out of a deadend minimum wage telemarketing job to become a sports betting advisor media hotshot.

Our handsome, attractive, and quite bright young hero is also sexually ambiguous. His one sexual encounter in the movie is a one night stand with a woman he learns later is an upscale prostitute also likely well educated and from a middle class background.

In a few years when the major studios will be able to widely distribute movies featuring homosexual love stories, the plot resolution in a "Two for the the Money" type story would have the young man "come out" in the film.

Without a revolutionary shift in thinking by our cultural and political elites about the long term effects of divorce, and social depravities like unrestrained casino gambling, family life resembling anything like the world of "Leave It to Beaver" will be a thing of the past.


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