Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The social conservatives are to the GOP as African-Americans are to the Democrats

The GOP is so confident the social conservatives are in its backpocket Bush felt free to diss them with a supreme court appointment like Miers. While an obviously talented lawyer, her underlying legal and social policy beliefs are a cipher. A lawyer's lawyer Miers becomes whatever clients need her to be. How else does one become the managing partner in a top white shoe law firm catering to large business clients? Have no doubt she could spin up the right things to say for her senate confirmation hearing but rule quite differently once on the bench.

Equally distressing is she never married, or raised children. Without such experiences she's clueless as to realities of how tough and complex family life can be. In these sad times with a 50% divorce rate, low marriage formations, and perhaps 50% of children born out-of-wedlock, America needs a justice who knows the ropes about family life.

Miers' nomination should be withdrawn ASAP.


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