Monday, October 10, 2005

Collapse of sexual identity

This week's cover story in Time Magazine describes the explosion in the number of young teenagers "coming out".

The collapse in sexual identity is likely tightly linked to today's astronomical divorce rate. Children learn life's core emotional skills by identifying with their parents' abilities, or inabilities, to deal successfully with life's challenges. Family breakdown, particularly when children are very young, leaves them emotionally adrift.

Particularly very hard for boys to form a stable sexual identification with fathers broken, humiliated and often impoverished in a divorce. That's why the rate of adolescent homosexuality is much higher in boys, and also appears much earlier in adolescence than with girls.

I suspect a large percentage of female homosexuality reflects a girl's pathological identification with the seemingly omnipotent mother who destroyed the family and under today's laws walks away legal custody and with most of the financial assets. Gives a twisted new meaning to notion "everybody loves a winner".


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