Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We're governed by moral midgets

Mississippi hopes to use the Katrina disaster to expand casino gambling by allowing onshore operations. Currently casinos operate on riverboats, or on moored barges. In lieu of developing a strong tax base based on the fruits of a better educational system, and a modern business economy, Mississippi along with many other states became addicted to gambling taxes to balance their budgets.

They've gone into the disease promotion business because habitual gambling is a neuropsychiatric disorder. Brain imaging studies of habitual gamblers demonstrate abnormal activity. Obviously, habitual gamblers make for the best casino customers.

Casino gambling is a scourge on the community. The casino's profits and the taxes generated come at the expense of broken families and neglected children.

The real problem in today's America is we're governed by moral midgets for whom economic expediency trumps enacting policies which strengthen families.


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