Saturday, September 03, 2005

The upside to Katrina

Pretty clear now we can't draw down the national guard and army reserves for extended foreign duty and have enough troops to deal with a massive domestic emergency.

The larger issue is we should ditch our "wag the dog" foreign policy which serves to deflect attention from the really big issues that affect Americans' lives everyday--the collapse of the American family, out of control housing prices, the growing unaffordability of middle class family life, and massive illegal immigration.

A Klein Administration would be very inward looking. Charity begins at home.

To donate to my "testing the waters" effort to assess whether I can be viable candidate for the GOP presidential nomination send contributions to

Dr. Mark Klein Exploratory Committee
6808 Estates Drive
Oakland, Ca 94611

The maximum donation is $2,100.00.

To comply with federal election law please provide the following information:

Name and address
Name of Employer
Amount donated to date for any 2008 potential presidential candidate?

Donations are not tax deductible.

Only United States citizens and legal residents are permitted under federal election law to contribute.


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