Sunday, September 18, 2005

No matter what you call it political correctness can bring the same bad consequences as lying to yourself does.

(text version of my Washington Times advert appearing tomorrow in the national weekly edition.)


Child and adult obesity rose to epidemic proportions in recent decades in tandem with the persistent the rise in the number of women working full time.

In most families today with both parents working fulltime too few adults and children eat nutritious, portion controlled home cooked meals. Restaurant meals, “t.v.” dinners, and takeout contain excessive carbohydrate and fat calories, and insufficient protein.

To reverse the epidemic more mothers need to be at home to prepare nutritious balanced meals, and supervise the children’s snacking.

I postulate the limited variety of foods available to our pre-Industrial Age forebears resulted in evolution selecting for genetic satiety mechanisms which react poorly to excessive dietary variety.

The normal rotation of familiar nutritious, portion controlled home cooked meals help to ameliorate the major obesity inducing problem of the industrial diet which is not refined sugars, or too much dietary fat, but too much dietary variety.

The emotional comfort, particularly for children and young adolescents, regular home cooked, balanced, portion controlled meals create likely helps to properly set the endocrinological and neurological mechanisms for saiety.

Should have to go without saying unsupervised latchkey children tend to stuff themselves with high calorie sugar and fat loaded snacks. Lacking sufficient maternal attention too latchkey youngsters forego after school athletes and exercise to sit around gorging on snacks and soda pop while watching television.

I believe within a generation at least half the population will become diabetic. The costs of treating obesity and diabetes will destroy the financial viability of private health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Administration and Indian Health medical systems.

The coup de grace for the future financing of the entire Social Security system will be the catastrophic effects of today's skyrocketing obesity driven diabetes epidemic. There will be a financial meltdown from a surge in disability claims accompanied by a free fall in tax revenue.

Federal health policy regarding the obesity drive diabetes epidemic, and other problems with political implications, such as habitual gambling, are little more than bodice ripper romance novel plots predicated on wishful thinking deus ex machina resolutions. Policies like tinkering with the food pyramid, banning soda pop and candy from school lunch rooms, anti-obesity billboards, and jawboning the food industry make for nice public relations but are utterly ineffective.

The federal medical establishment is in the disease promotion business. In addition to its brain dead approach to the obesity driven diabetes epidemic, the federal medical establishment contributes to the rapid spread of habitual gambling, a neuropsychiatric disorder. In lieu of new general taxes, many states balance their budgets by splitting casino revenues.
The federal medical establishment’s silence on the medical, psychiatric, and family instability implications of the casino gambling rapidly spreading across the country is DEAFENING.

For an introduction to the neurology of habitual gambling I recommend

As a physician, and board certified psychiatrist, I urge President Bush to order a through review of the federal medical policy response to the obesity driven diabetes and the gambling epidemic.

I also urge President Bush to ask the Attorney General and the Secretary of Commerce to determine whether we can invoke World Trade Agreement rules on national security and/or health grounds to bar internet gambling coming from foreign countries. Internet gambling is illegal when conducted by companies operating in the United States.

America‘s obesity, diabetes, and gambling crisis has severely escalated on the watch of Dr. Elias Zerhouni, the head of the National Institutes of Health, and Dr. Julie Gerberding, chief of the Centers for Disease Control. They should be immediately replaced.

Political systems fail when they can’t meet the basic needs of its people.

America today reminds me of the morbidly obsessed with political correctness Soviet Union in 1980 when it still had a chance to save its core political system with meaningful reforms, and by detoxing from its hardcore addiction to a wag the dog foreign policy of indiscriminate meddling and military adventures both primarily designed to distract the public from serious domestic problems.


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