Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mississippi burning

Yesterday's blog in an unwarranted burst of optimism I opined Mississippi might ask its taxpayers to replace the revenues lost by the destruction of gambling casinos in the Katrina disaster. Casino gambling in a poor state like Mississippi is a social cancer. Today the New York Times reported casino operators want to replace the wrecked riverboat gambling operations with land based casinos.

Several years ago I saw at first hand how destructive that kind of casino gambling is for Mississippians. While in Vicksburg to see Civil War sites, I visited a riverboat casino to see what they were like. Most of gamblers were local people who seemed to me low to average wage earners. Many played intoxicated on the free drinks the casino provided. Most lost money. As a consequence, I left wondering how many children would go without nutritious food, adequate clothing, medical/dental care, and school supplies.

I'm shocked by the extent to which casino and internet gambling is tolerated, if not enouraged, in America.

Where are all the grownups?


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