Saturday, September 17, 2005

Like individuals, nation states can destroy themselves with neurotic thinking.

As I predicted in my September 13 postings, the UK quickly dismissed the "war crimes" arrest warrant against retired Israeli General Almog.

The real issue here is current Laws of War, and their derivative military and police rules of engagement and interrogation, are predicated upon conflicts between nation states with intact political and military chains of command.

The asymmetric wars of the 21st century reflect the general decline of national state.

The UK exists really in name only. Northern Ireland is little more than multiple medieval fiefdoms controlled by religiously inspired criminal gangs. That became clearly evident when in response to the recent London subway terror bombings perpetrated by Islamic militants, the British withdrew the remainder of its military and police forces from rural and urban areas in Northern Ireland where the IRA holds sway. In effect Britain copied what Columbia's done by abandoning large areas of the country to FARC separatists. The UK's political and effective police control in large swatches of London and other industrial cities are weak to non-existent.

Entropy applies to political systems. What happened to General Almog must become a wakeup call for national states to throughly revisit the Laws of War and their derivatives. The enemies of the national state are very cosmopolitan, sophisticated people. They know ultimate victory is inevitable if they can keep us enslaved to policies predicated upon an international military and political world order which no longer exists.

When individuals screw up their lives behaving that way, we psychiatrists call that neurosis. When nations do it, it's called political suicide.


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