Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jerusalem Post on my "testing the waters" for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination$127

14 September 2005;

Calling all voters

Who I am: Mark Klein, M.D, a concerned citizen, disturbed by the relentless destruction of stable American family life, the increasing unaffordability of housing and higher education, and our failed foreign policy.

I'm "testing the waters" about the feasibility of seeking the 2008 GOP nomination.

Calling all Red State voters: The twin pillars of Bush administration family policy – marriage promotion and “Hell hath no fury…“ federal regulations dealing with divorce – are irrational, unspeakably cruel to divorced fathers, break the hearts of children, and promote family destruction.

Marriage is inherently unstable. It is a vast, storm-tossed ocean for which no compass has yet been invented. That’s why most cultures down through the ages sharply restricted divorce, deeply distrusted romantic love, and pressured people to marry within a familiar social, religious and economic milieu.

With a 50% plus divorce rate, marriage today is more like going steady in high school in the 1950s.

Divorce becomes self-perpetuating as fewer and fewer children grow up in intact families. Children of divorce learn it’s natural to destroy the family rather than ride out the inevitable rough spots likely to occur in any marriage.

Were we Emperor penguins whose offspring just need to be fed and shielded from the Antarctic cold until big enough to instinctively know how to fish, current family policy might make sense.

The essence of normal human psychological development is the very prolonged delay in the appearance sexual maturity to allow children to learn the emotional skill sets to live in an organized, complex society. Sufficient paternal and maternal attention are the key ingredients in the formation of the capacity for empathy, the core emotional skill children must learn to sustain marriage and successfully raise their own children.

With today’s 50% plus divorce rate, which usually removes fathers from daily contact with their children, and most women working fulltime, most children simply don’t get the emotional attention they need to become emotionally competent mates and parents.

It is common knowledge that unaffectionately handled kittens, puppies and infant primates have problems caring for their young. More complex social animals like primates also struggle with successful mating and appropriate peer behavior. Males are much less affected. Women today initiate the vast majority of divorces because they can't make the emotional leap from romantic courtship to the empathetic, caring friendship that sustains marriage over time.

Federal family policy promotes divorce with overly generous subsidy payments to states to collect child support, and by underwriting the costs of jailing fathers in arrears. US Code, Title 42, Chap 7, Subchapter 4, part D, sec. 666. Since federal subsidies are linked to the amount collected, states set payment levels so high as to entice women to divorce.

The Republican Party cannot win the White House or control congress, without winning a substantial majority of the Red State male vote. To win Red State male votes we demand OUR Republican administration and congress quickly enact substantive reform of federal family policy, and President Bush replace Assistant Secretary Wade Horn at the Administration for Children and Families, the agency responsible for drafting and enforcing child support laws. During Dr. Horn‘s four-year tenure, the divorce rate has worsened and marriage formations declined. NO PERFORMANCE, NO JOB!!!!


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