Monday, September 19, 2005

The Administratiion are Bible believers who missed God's geopolitical message

The North Korean nuclear dog and pony show continues unabated. Now Pyongyang preliminarily promises subject to detailed negotiations (translated means years, maybe decades, of talks!!) to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for upfront, unconditional economic aid.

The proposed nuclear suspension doesn't apply to the nuclear weapons its already made and deployed.

That's not how God did things in Exodus. Joseph's dreams, which launched his very successful Egyptian political career, translated into an effective food storage policy enabling Pharaoh to hold sway over his enemies. The basic message--do things Egypt's way, or starve.

Why on God's Green Earth would the North Koreans ever comply with our demands when at the flick of a switch we'll feed their army and political elites in exchange for NOTHING in return? No doubt Pyongyang will continue to starve the general population to suppress political dissent.

The Old Testament is not a collection of religious fairy tales. God sent man the unmistakable message for those willing to think critically reality testing rather than wishful thinking is the only way to go.


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