Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saber rattling with Iran over nuclear weapons is a very dangerous game

(my e-mail to the White House today)

There is ANOTHER way to deal with the problem. Our problems with the Islamic world arise from trying to shove western style feminism down their throats. They see the social and economic wreckage feminism's created for us by our 50% plus divorce rate. They want no part of it and are willing to fight us even to the extent of using suicide bombers to save their way of life.

We should deal with the Islamic world the way Israel handles its Arab citizens. Under the ultimate supervision of government and supreme court, Israeli Arabs have their own courts to handle family status and inheritance issues. I follow the Israeli press very closely. The government is very careful not to criticize Arab family practices, or interfere with their courts in non-criminal matters. Even in the West Bank the government stays far, far away from interfering with Arab domestic legal matters.

The Iranians aren't the blowhard paper tigers Saddam's crew were. My guess is they already have deployable nuclear weapons. To preserve their way of life if pushed to wall I believe they'd launch a nuclear ballistic missile first strike on Europe. The Iranians are scientifically advanced enough and possess the industrial infrastructure to soon enhance the range of their missiles to strike the United States.


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