Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Planet Earth calling Nebraska. Anybody home?


A 22 year old man with the girl's parents permission legally married his 14 year old sweetheart with whom he had a child. Although apparently a conscienious husband and father, he faces a statutory rape charge for which he could receive a 30 year prison sentence.

Nebraska's rationale for the prosecution is the hope it will discourage early adolescent girls from having sex with older men.

In today's anything goes, hypersexualized society most young adolescent girls are sexually active. Had the father been a 15 year old boy the child might have been aborted, or given up for adoption. Some choice for the child--either death, or forever losing one's biological parents. Either way for the parents a lifetime of guilt and regrets.

What we have here is a bad case of metastatic bad prosecutorial discretion triggered by nth degree wishful thinking.

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