Wednesday, August 03, 2005

ONE reason I'm "testing the waters" for running for president

(Below my response to an Indiana father's posting on www.f4jusa@yahoogroups complaining of the apparent poor response to local fathers' rights activists' activities.)

Bif--I disagree you. Think the problem mobilizing men to fight today's Gestapo-like family court system is burnout.

Political reform at the state level is a losing game because the states are essentially string puppets controlled by the federal government. The states are utter moral midgets on family stability policy. Rather than cut spending, or heaven forbid raise taxes, they’ve become addicted to federal subsidies and casino gambling taxes to balance their budgets off the misery and suffering of parents and children.

Hence the only solution for fathers rights issues is to take political power by electing a true reformer to the White House. That's why I’m "testing the waters" for a presidential run.


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