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My fathers' rights platform

(Sent yesterday to selected leaders in the fathers' right movement.)

August 8, 2005

Dear Friends,

Hello. My name is Dr. Mark Klein. During my lifetime, I have built a successful practice, was married for many years, fathered four wonderful children and now have two beautiful grandchildren. As a father and grandfather, I have long been concerned about the future of America.

Over the years I have watched as social policies have slowly destroyed the American family. According to the United States Census Bureau, the average marriage lasts just eight years. It should not surprise any of us then, that only 39% of the Americans today will get married.

Frankly, I am worried about the future of our nation. If we continue on our present course, what will society be like when our grandchildren become adults? How much more erosion can society endure? I believe it is time for a change!

It is for this reason that I formed an exploratory committee to consider a bid the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination.

As president, my goal will be to unite the country so that everyone has equal footing. One of my presidential platforms is to revise the industry of divorce in this country. I believe the divorce industry has helped shake the very foundation of our great nation. I believe that children are suffering the greatest losses due to this pandemic that crosses all social and economic thresholds because they are often separated from one of their parents (typicallythe father) in divorce situations.

The American Psychological Association states that the best environment for a child is an intact marriage; the second best is maximum contact with both parents.In my opinion, men generally, and particularly divorced fathers, are the most discriminated against group in today’s America.

Today’s movies often reflect our stridently anti-male culture. Male leads are usually depicted as emotionally broken men. Directly, or implicitly, they are often depicted as abusive to their significant others, and neglectful toward theirchildren. Against the backdrop of such unfair depictions of men, it is easy to understand how the legal structures developed over the past 30 years have been shaped to deprive men of their constitutional right to equal protection under the law. Currently men become fair game for discriminatory treatment.

As President I will return our courts to the “equal justice for all”standard. Over 28 million people (mostly men) have had lost custody of their children and have been abused in the“family” court system. In family court, men are presumed to be the bad guys. Men, regardless of their financial resources, are most likely to suffer the loss of their children, their financial resources and their homes in divorce situations.

Worse yet, fathers lose their due process rights when accused of abuse with no proof to substantiate the claim. Some states today require the man be automatically jailed for evenan unproven accusation of domestic violence. Prior to incarceration they are denied their constitutional rights to confront their accusers, present evidence, have an attorney or obtain a jury trial. Even violent criminals receive these basic constitutional benefits. Men are now living George Orwell’s famous quote “somepeople are more equal than others”.

For American men (and some women) today, divorce is the quick road to financial ruin. With federal government subsidizing state child support collections based upon the percentage of the recovery, child support demands have risen to ruinous levels. Bankruptcies are at record levels. Child support awards are set at ruinous levels. Add to that the loss of their children, and it is no wonder the suicide andmental illness rate amongst divorced fathers is so high.

With fewer people getting married and having children, the American pension system is collapsing as well. This situation cannot continue. Something has got to give.Why am I testing the waters for the presidential race in 2008? Why leave the quiet, very pleasant life Ienjoy in California to seek public office? The shortanswer is because I believe today’s collapse of the family and the seemingly no longer obtainable middle-class family lifestyle particularly rattles Americans -- and I want to help.

My heart goes out to the people who are trying to cope in today’s society. I liken my efforts to that of our Founding Fathers who left their comfortable farms, businesses, and intellectual pursuits later in life to serve America in her hour of need. I believe there are many people across the nation like me, people who are concerned about what tomorrow will bring if we continue on our present course.

I seek to bring together men, women, young, old, divorced fathers and mothers, married individuals, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, social conservatives, exhausted working mothers, seniors – everyone who is fearful of what the consequences of today’s collapsing families will bring to our once stable nation.

I also believe voters across the political spectrum will embrace me as an ordinary, honest, quite frank, middle class person whose passions in life are my pleasant home, my very colorful garden, and hanging out with my children and grandchildren. I believe I am someone with whom everyday Americans can relate.

I have a broad policy reform agenda also involving economic and military issues, but with this letter I chose to address how the Klein Administration would deal with divorce and its tragic aftermath. My primary goal would be to dismantle the DIVORCE INDUSTRY.

My legislative and regulatory agenda would be:

1. Child support orders would have to take into account the maintenance of non-custodial parent’s standard of living.

2. Federally subsidized family court proceeding shall be conducted so that each party has equal rights.

3. Dismantle the current Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families (ACF), the policy and enforcement engine for the destruction ofthe American family.

4. By legislation, mandate that states enforce rebuttal presumptive equal physical custody in order to continue to receive funding for family programs.This would be retroactive so that past cases could be reopened.

5. Repeal the Bradley Amendment so child support debt can be reduced to livable levels.

6. Amend the bankruptcy laws so child support and alimony debt could be discharged.

7. Mandate that no one can be jailed simply onunfounded accusations of abuse without due process ofa trial.

8. My attorney general would criminally prosecute as a civil rights felony violation anyone who knowingly files false domestic violence complaints that result in an improper incarceration. In other words current perjury laws will be enforced.

9. Zero tolerance for willful violations of a non-custodial parent’s visitation rights. Child support orders will be suspended with non-complianceof custody orders.

How I learned about the fathers rights movement: I came to the fathers’ right movement by way of my broader concerns about how federal family policy perversely destroys marriage, breaks the hearts of children, and undermines middle-class family life in general. I was completely unaware of the regulatory and legal abuse of divorced fathers. Naïve at first, I thought the administration was unaware of the system,which destroys fathers.

After bringing the situation to the attention of a very senior GOP party official, I spoke with Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Wade Horn who runs ACF, and later met for almost two hours with his then chief deputy. They made it very clear there would be no policy changes in the current Administration.

As I mulled over what I learned from these contacts, I realized why the fathers rights movement has basically gotten nowhere seeking reform at the state level. With regards to family law and child support, the federal government essentially controls the states. Hence the only solution for fathers rights issues is to take political power by electing a true reformer to theWhite House.

I am testing the waters for a presidential run. However, I do not have the Heinz or Kennedy family fortune behind me. Money is the mother’s milk of politics. Without financial support from those who believe in my platform, I cannot run. If you believe that it is essential to have someone at the federal level that can truly reform the divorce industry; I ask you to financially support my efforts by submitting a donation to my “testing the waters” campaign today. Your gift, no matter how small, will help me to help you and many of the 28 millionin dividuals who have been subjected to the abusive family court system in America.

Thank you for considering my request.

God bless you.

Dr. Mark Klein


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Planet Dadulon (based in Scotland) are working on changing the laws on fathers rights. Please accentuate our numbers by leaving a message, and your name and location if you like.
Although we already have the attention of the Scottish Executive minister for justice and a constituent MP, we would like to re-iterate our cause by asking you to leave a comment in the blog's FIRST post so we can SHOW these people that fathers who cannot see their children are NOT the minority.

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