Friday, August 05, 2005


Wasn't a public peep from GOP presidential hopefuls like John McCain about getting behind appointing a conservative to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court.

Here's why the social conservative voter ends up with nothing but policy hot air in exchange for putting a mainstream Republican in the White House. The social conservative movement simply isn't big enough to elect the president. At this point no Republican can win without it. So once the candidates declare they start out seducing social conservatives with policy promises they can't possbily keep because they need to run back to center at the end of the campaign for centrist swing voters. Once elected, we get the same old same old stale, bankrupt social policies which promote divorce, discourage marriage, and make middle class family life unaffordable.

The White House is ours with a coalition of Red State male voters, divorced fathers, families torn apart by divorce, sensible seniors, young adults yearning for a stable marriage and family, and the social conservatives.


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