Monday, August 29, 2005

Anti-war protestors have a good point to make

Today's anti-war protestors are a different breed than those of the 1960s.

These mothers are incensed their children died for nothing because we no longer fight to win. American military doctrine nowadays is not to utterly destroy the enemy to bring the political changes we went to war to attain. Rather, it's winning the news cycle.

Instead of George Pattons to lead us to decisive victory, we have pr generals ready to hang out to dry anyone who shows the slightest initiative in the field, or heaven forbid, hurts the enemy's feelings. Re the latter consider the brouhaha of the photo of a well fed Saddam in skivvies.

The Pentagon could learn a thing or two by watching the new HBO series "Rome". In the opening scenes Caesar beats the Franks. The Frankish king is stripped naked in public and to save his life kneels before Caesar to kiss the Roman standard.

Nowadays he'd get POW status with all the benies, and in time likely to regain power!!!!
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