Wednesday, August 17, 2005

American middle class family life is headed for the ocean floor

My recent postings on the housing price crisis is just the tip of economic iceberg which threatens to send American middle class family life to the ocean bottom.

For starters cheap illegal immigrant labor destroys economic opportunity for many average Americans. Just Adam Smith supply and demand stuff. Cheap, undocumented labor drives down the wage structure for everyone except high level professionals. Because of that the Wal Marts and the Starbucks get away with paying wages too low for American workers to afford to buy homes and start families. That's in sharp contrast to my parents' generation's experience.

My late father was a butcher who left school in the Great Depression at 12 or 13 to work. On the modest earning from his meat market he eventually owned a pleasant suburban home, raised children, and my mother didn't work. No way today would that happen.

After more than a 40 year interval, I recently visited the house my dad bought. That $16,000 home is now worth more than $500,000. When I lived there, my neighbors were policeman, postmen, tradesmen, and school teachers.

Such folks today are priced out of the housing market because the leadership elites of BOTH MAJOR PARTIES just don't care. They talk the family stability talk but don't walk the walk. That's what happens when we turned the government over to a professional politician class. Maybe America's ready for a "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" like me. That's why I'm "testing the waters" for the feasibility of trying for the 2008 Republican nomination.

Money is the mother's milk of American politics. I can't bankroll a campaign as Perot did, nor is there a Kerry or Kennedy fortune behind me. For REAL change the saying "MONEY TALKS AND ** WALKS" applies.
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