Monday, August 22, 2005

Always tough leaving my little spot of paradise

Takes a lot to get me to leave my home and colorful garden overlooking San Francisco Bay to travel, particularly to the east coast in the height of summer.

Feel like Snake Pliston played by Kurt Russell in the sequel to the sci fi flic "Escape from New York" who gets sent back to a post apocalyptic Manhattan to save the president who was seized by the bad guys when his plane crashed in Manhattan.

My mission is to save fellow Heinz shareholders' investment in the company by offering some plain vanilla, common sense economic advice to the board of directors and management.

Brave as he was Snake wasn't an economic bright bulb. Must be kicking himself for not using the reward money for saving the prez to buy up big swatches prime post apocalytic Manhattan property on the cheap before the Big Apple's inevitable economic recovery.

By holding the annual meeting in the last two weeks of August when most folks are on vacation, what's the bad news Heinz is hiding from the shareholders? Provides a good excuse to reread the annual report and the proxy statement on the long, dreary flight to Pittsburgh.


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