Monday, August 15, 2005

The administration misunderstands the nuclear proliferation issue

Any country possessing convention artillery, or Scud like missiles, is a potential nuclear power.

Current non-proliferation efforts focus on the manufacture of conventional fission and fusion devices.

Much easier to load artillery shells or missile warheads with conventional explosives laced with gamma emitting radiation particles. In fact, it's a better weapon because it can destroy the enemy's political will to resist with just widespread radioactive contamination and minimal direct civilian casualties and property damage.

The Iranians could destroy Europe's economy and political stability by striking its major cities with dirty bomb conventional missile warheads. Only a matter of time before Iranian missiles have the capability to strike the United States.

That's why we need to substitute new foreign policy thinking for saber rattling. Our current policy towards Iran is little more than a boddice ripper novel plot dependent on a deus ex machina story solution. Grownups know God helps those who help themselves.


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