Monday, July 11, 2005

Takes My Breath Away

Takes my breath away the administration is trying every trick in the book to avoid appointing a serious conservative to the Supreme Court. While waiting for more than decade for a vacancy, we've faithfully given our votes to the GOP. That we have to FIGHT now to get someone we want is an INSULT.


Blogger True Equality Network said...

I am a woman and a registered Republican who has always voted the party line. I can not find words strong enough to express both my heartbreak and outrage over this betrayal of the GOP's promise to uphold and protect conservative ideals, like family values. After hearing for five years how horrible the activists judges in our courts are, this is an unspeakable breach of trust.

There are many dedicated, registered Republicans. We stood firmly with our party leadership and candidates, fighting side by side with them for a decade to rid our Congress and White House of the progressive agenda that sought to destroy our families and the values we hold most dear. We won! But the promises the GOP made to us to honor and protect these most precious rights have not only not come to light, but now members of the GOP have taken the path of those we fought so dearly to depose.

Let us not forget the Republican's support for the renewal of VAWA or the fact that most of the funding for that wretched system goes to the Lawyers and Social Workers whose organizations support the DNC and their anti-family progressive agenda - the very people and agendas we have worked so hard for a decade to vote out of Congress and the White House. That is intolerable!

If we wanted Liberals in the White House and Congress, we would have voted for them in the first place.

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