Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The royal road to civil war in Iraq is to force Baghdad to accept western style feminism

Leaving aside the realities of strong ethnic and religious sensibilities, many intellegent, liberally oriented, perceptive Iraqis could justifiably point out 30-40 years of aggressive feminism in the West created a 50% plus divorce rate, relentlessly falling marriage formations, and from the excess cash pumped into the economy by most women working fulltime a severe inflation in housing and education prices.

The constitutional model for ethnic stability in Iraq is Israel's. Each religious group has its own courts to handle family, inheritance, and personal status matters with ultimate authority lying with Israel's Supreme Court. That's why Israel's million plus Arab population keeps the peace and participates in the national life.

Takes my breath away how blind we are to the cultural assumptions of the Islamic world, and Iraq's in particular. If I win the White House in 2008, the Islamic world will get a NEW DEAL from us. Our friendship with Israel is NOT the cause of Islamic anger at the United States. Israel's made its bones with the Islamic world. Like the neurotic patient, Islamic world doesn't consciously realize its anger arises from being culturally despised by us so that its rage is deflected on Israel.

Feminism is not a rational predicate for an effective foreign policy particularly in an age when a suicidal terrorist imbued with religious zeal could destroy an entire city with a WMD.

I'm available to serve as the National Shrink.


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