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Political parties which IGNORE their base get the boot

Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 20:50:36 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Fwd: Why won't the Senate Judiciary Committee invite OPPONENTS to the renewal of VAWA to testify at 7/19 hearing?

Another example of our party turning its back on core constituencies to kiss the feminists' feet. Below is the plain text version of the full page advert I partially funded and helped develop appearing next week in the Washington Times national edition. If anyone's interested, I have a suggestion for a well qualified, articulate Washington based opposing witness. It's injustices like VAWA combined with our party's failure to walk the walk on sensible, balanced family policy that got me to purchase monthly full page op-ed ad space through NOVEMBER, 2008 in the Washington Times. Have the option to buy more ads at the contracted rate. Looks like I'll be unzipping my wallet bigtime.

VAWA: A four-letter word that means tyranny

After eleven years as law, "The Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA) has done little more than destroy families and fund social engineering schemes unrelated to intimate partner violence. This dysfunctional law leaves violent criminals free to abuse at will, but inflicts brutalities unworthy of a free society on innocent victims of false allegations of domestic violence.

The plain truth is VAWA is unconstitutional. Nothing in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America, including the Commerce Clause, authorizes the Congress to regulate and control personal relations between individuals. Further, the blatant and undeniable gender bias seen on the face of VAWA is discrimination against a subject class, men, in direct violation of Section 1 of Amendment XIV of the Constitution notwithstanding pious statements to the contrary by uninformed Senators.

Destroying Civil Liberties

We oppose domestic violence and believe attackers of any innocent person should be brought to trial. However, violence is propagated more commonly and broadly by denying civil liberties than controlled.

VAWA has promoted, funded, or mandated:

Mandatory arrests without a warrant, often based on nothing more than hearsay;
A standard under which the accused is guilty until proven innocent and mere allegations now suffice as proof;
Forced citizens fromtheir homes and children with nothing more than the clothes on their back without any pretense of due process;
Endorsed searches of homes without a warrant;
Allowed seizures of property without redress;
Denied defendants the assistance of counsel, the right to confront their accuser and obtain witnesses in their defense;
Punishment and imprisonment that occurs before a trial or without one;
Invoked public censure for crimes men have not committed.
These are acts of a police state and the policies of tyrants.

VAWA has created a new subclass of citizens who find themselves defendants in domestic violence cases. Many of these citizens are innocent fathers who simply want to be a loving part of their children's lives. They find themselves denied their civil rights and due process, tortured and coerced into submission, degraded, and humiliated by a justice system that now accepts hearsay as proof.

Domestic violence laws at all levels of government must hold accountable law enforcement agents, judges, attorneys, social service providers and advocates to ensure equal protection in the enforcement of the laws. The dialog within these groups also needs to specify that fraudulent claims and suborning perjury cases are criminal acts.

Public money used for the prevention of domestic violence must deal solely with that issue. Laws must forbid the funding of operations to support any other legal, political, or social agendas such as; rape, divorce, child custody, or any gender specific issue under the guise of "domestic violence."

Ever Expanding Definitions of Domestic Violence

The domestic violence industry's survival is dependent on abuses never ending and inventing them. For it to grow, as any industry desires to, the level of abuses must seem to increase and the definition of domestic violence must expand indefinitely. Ending domestic violence is incontestably a conflict of interest for the industry that VAWA funds as it depends on more and more "victims" or for greater levels of fraud and perjury to be committed.

The needed reforms are:

Domestic violence is a state matter. Existing Federal laws should be repealed or allowed to expire.
Domestic violence laws must be gender neutral in all respects and practice.
Domestic violence and abuse laws must not violate the rights to due process and equal protection under the law.
False allegations of domestic violence and suborning perjury must be dealt with as criminal acts.
Domestic violence laws at all levels of government must exist solely in the criminal codes.
Organizations receiving public moneys for domestic violence programs must be prohibited from lobbying legislatures on unrelated issues.
As citizens, we do not have an issue with seeing violent criminals put in jail when, following due process, they have been proven guilty of committing a violent crime. Battery is battery, no matter where it happens or who commits it. Civil restraining orders will only restrain civilized people who were no real threat to begin with; violent criminals need to be imprisoned.

However, under VAWA the Federal government is paying states to violate both the Federal and, often, the State Constitution. Moreover, under these practices we punish the innocent and free the guilty.

The law must guarantee citizens their rights to equal protection under the law and due process in all cases. Prosecution of criminal acts is critical regardless of whether they are acts of physical violence or false allegations of violence. Enactment of future anti-domestic violence laws must be in our criminal codes and those currently within our civil codes be repealed.

Domestic violence laws and their operation throughout the country need reviewing under the highest level of scrutiny possible. Qualified scientists must conduct a comprehensive, well-funded study of domestic violence rather than ideologues in order to establish how pervasive this problem is and what methods are most effective in reducing it.

The study needs to evaluate and document the different ways the sexes assault and murder each other. Knowing what methods of abuse and homicide both sexes use and recognizing the symptoms will assist the people that treat the abused, collect evidence and enforce the laws.

Preventing fraudulent claims must be a requirement of all domestic violence support systems. The failure to do this for the past ten years has allowed a system rife with fraud to run amok and prevented those with valid claims from receiving needed services.

The rework suggested in VAWA 2005 only promises to provide more funding to the current fraud-ridden system riddled with advocacy research studies and government propaganda. Renewal of this law will expand a level of civil rights violations unequaled since the abolition of slavery.

There is a dire need to start doing what makes sense so that the domestic violence laws effectively deal with violent criminals. Our system must be free of perjury and fraud, and operate within constitutional constraints. We must let VAWA sunset and rethink our needs and priorities from the beginning.

A system of Justice hanging on bare threads of morality and truth cannot withstand the influences of the rage and spite that plague our society today.

Blind Acceptance

Despite repeated requests no witnesses in opposition to VAWA 2005 will testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on July 19, 2005. Is our Congress trying to prove they only serve special interest groups?

Republicans seem blind to the fact that VAWA has been a direct assault on a major voter stronghold of the GOP , men, and especially divorced fathers. There is already broad vocal dissent from these voters over support by Republicans for VAWA 2005. They are promising to take revenge in the 2006 and 2008 elections for what they feel is an outright betrayal. Supporting VAWA 2005 could be the quickest route for the Republicans to become the minority party again.


Blogger True Equality Network said...

The bi-partisan introduction of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 2005 conclusively proves that both of our major political are anti-family and hold no respect for our civil rights or the United States Constitution. There are no words strong enough to express both the heartbreak and outrage over this betrayal of the promises to uphold and protect our family values has caused.

It must be mentioned that most of the funding for VAWA goes to the Lawyers and Social Workers whose organizations support the DNC and their anti-family progressive agenda. The GOP's support of VAWA is in effect forcing Republicans like myself to support, with our tax dollars through VAWA, the very people and agenda we have worked so hard to vote out of Congress and the White House. That is intolerable!

VAWA is nothing more than a social engineering scheme run amok and is tantamount to tyranny.It also ignores the fact that women commit as much and maybe even more acts of domestic violence then men do. Justice demands due process and equal protection under the law and VAWA fails us all on both counts. VAWA offers no redress to victims of fraudulent allegations abuse. A system without redress is tyranny, and those who support it are tyrants.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terri, you and Dr. Klein said it all.

The reason the radical feminists, sodomites, anti-Americans and God-haters have succeeded so well and so quickly is the fact that none of our so-called leaders has the will, courage or determination to stand up and defend our Constitution because they all are more interested in power than saving our country.

The writing has been on the wall for over 50 years. We are definitely heading towards a New Europe ruled by despots and tyrants and we have only ourselves to blame since the majority of Americans are either too stupid or too complacent to fight the anarchists and radical leftists who control our government, schools, universities, and media.

6:44 PM  

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