Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's either the government can't think straight, or they just don't give a damn

The Thursday New York Times ran an article on the appearance of quasi-banking operations to enable illegal immigrant workers to send remittances home. They can't use regular banking services without valid social security numbers and proper identification. Such services only encourage more illegal entries.

The government doesn't realize, or more likely doesn't care, these workers are wrecking out society, and the social security system. Cheap illegal labor depresses wages for Americans. That's particularly true for less skilled employment. Unable to make a living wage too many American young adults can't afford to marry and start families. Without illegal workers willing to work off the books for low wages, American salaries would rise in real terms in tandem with social security tax payments to help keep the system solvent.

Worse yet illegal workers have dried up what's left of affordable housing in urban areas helping to drive rents and home prices into the statosphere. Sad fact young adult children unable to pay today's rents are returning to live with their parents creating what I call the Peter Pan Generation.

I think the government knows darn well what the score is but doesn't give a damn.


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