Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Israel diary-Wednesday

In a time travel machine. Woke up this morning to sounds of my daughter talking to her baby and her 6 year old foster daughter she's had for about 3 years playing with friend. In a nanosecond my skills to make a baby relax in my arms and smile returned. A young father again. Since my daughter doesn't work outside the home, she prepared a typical Israeli breakfast of eggs, salad, and cheese. My son-in-law works on his lesson plans for his yeshiva class.

Now I see why I'm making a serious, sustained political effort. When my generation is gone, there'll be no living American cultural memory of a time when most moms enjoyed their children full time, husbands and wives savored married life, and the chasing the last buck wasn't life's primary goal.

My outlook is much like our Founding Fathers. Financially secure they enjoyed lives exploring private intellectual and avocational passions and savoring the modest pleasures of everyday life. But they left all that behind first to create America and then to make it strong.

I think I'm darkest presidential horse of all times. Already I anticipate the personal losses I'll have to accept should I win. A passionate year round California flower gardener there'll be no flowering semi-tropical vines to brighten a rainy winter day, or the marvelous nurseries I visit almost everyday in search of a new flower treasure. Also won't be easy physically. I have more than my share of physical problems for a man of my age. Have problems resulting from an inherited muscle disease with stair climbing and walking up inclines but I take comfort with the knowledge FDR led America for 16 years in a wheelchair.

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