Thursday, July 14, 2005

Israel diary--Thursday

Like many Haradi (ultra orthodox) families, my daughter has high speed cable internet access but no television. While I haven't gone that far in my life in America, many months ago I stopped watching the newstalk shows. Freed from the canned ideas of professional talking heads and the flaks, found myself taking a fresh look at the issues. Didn't like what I saw and decided to try for the GOP presidential nomination.

It's not that the party leadership aren't conscientious, decent people. For example, I very much admire Senator McCain who literally put his life on the line for America. The issue for me is we need to completely revisit the political shibboleths which led us to a 50% plus divorce rate, endless every expensive foreign wars, and the economic collapse of middle class life. Unreasonable to expect the architects of today's failed policies to turn their backs on their life's work.

My thinking tends to be several months to a few years ahead of our culture's. Hence I feel America's on the cusp of a social revolution which requires new political leadership to make it happen.


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