Tuesday, July 26, 2005


(In response to f4j reader Andy's offer to help with my campaign for the White House.)

To Andy & all f4j'ers:

I'm going to need your active help once I get a campaign organization going. I'm actively working to put one together.

My biggest challenge is winning the GOP nomination. That's where fathers rights grassroots organizations around the country could provide the margin of victory. If we could mobilize the folks in every state, I could beat the party hacks.

Voting for McCain, or any another GOP professional politician, insures you'll continue to be the feminists' whipping boys for another 4-8 years.

Fathers rights issues aside, they'll continue to rubber stamp today's failed federal family policies which promote divorce, discourage marriage, and breaks the hearts of children.

With the nomination in hand I should only be so lucky as to run against Hilliary Clinton who for legions of men and their parents remind them of the very difficult EX-WIFE.

I can't do this alone. One sign my message is getting around is my blog readership more than tripled in just the last 3 days, and some folks don't like my opinions. Got an e-mail today which read in part "...old man, get a life..."


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