Friday, June 10, 2005

To iFeminist head Wendy McElroy

Dear Wendy--

You confirmed what I've long believed that feminism is an intellectually, if not morally, bankrupt movement which has seen its very brief day. 30 years of in-your-face aggressive feminism brought the destruction of the American family with a 50% plus divorce rate, countless numbers of broken hearted children, an obesity driven diabetes epidemic, and put us in a permanent state of conflict with the Islamic world. At it's core American foreign policy has only one agenda--impose feminism American style in the name of "democracy" on cultures which resist, sometimes violently, for fear their families and way of life with be forever destroyed. They know they're not getting something of value.

Think many find very distressing so much of the electorate sees domestic and foreign policymaking as little more than bodice ripper novel plots with deus ex machina endings.

Even more clear now why I have no choice but to spend close to $100,000 over the next 2 1/2 years to purchase monthly full page opinion adverts in the Washington Times national weekly. Both parties have fallen on their faces to kiss the feminists' Manolo Blahnik's and then afterwards wipe their muddy boots on what remains of the American family. Things are so bad the 2008 election will be the Waterloo for the American Family. The Democrats are utterly hopeless about the family, but perhaps I can help turn the GOP around by putting their traditionally substantial Red State male voter majority into play.

Think men are getting tired of sleeping on the couch all the time for expressing their opinions!

Mark Klein, M.D.

Addendum--A video of my remarks on the political and business implications of the collapse of the American family made at the 2005 Kellogg annual meeting. After logging on fast forward to about 25:30


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