Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Politburo is alive & well in the GOP

(Jim Billimora & Lawrence Willcox are senior Republican policy staffers.)

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 18:15:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: Re: Unsubscribe.
To: "Billimoria, Jim"
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Jim--Just deleted you from my cc list. For those not living on Planet Earth makes perfect sense a senior Republican congressional policy staffer isn't interested in the opinions of a staunch Republican physician and psychiatrist who's spending almost $100,000 to run full page opinion adverts at least monthly though November, 2008 in the national edition of the Washington Times.

Time for a new set of Klein Family Awards. For many years I give $3-4K prizes each to the top math and science scholars at the high school two of my sons attended plus $500-750 to any youngster who gets an 800 on any section fo the SAT I. We're going to have new prize: Klein Family Republican Non-Listener Prize. No money but the pleasure of seeing your name proudly displayed in my adverts. The bad news is the July 18 advert is just about done but maybe I can still figure out a way to give you and few of your colleagues a place of honor. Otherwise you'll have to wait until the August issue. Sorry. Just doing my best.

The good news is you and your colleague Lawrence Willcox will make today's blog.

What's really got me worried is your basic lack of common sense. Instead of picking a fight with me you could just have automatically deleted, or blocked, my messages. You're a press guy??? Surely you've picked up from my e-mails, my blog, and my Wash Times advert I don't take being dissed lying down. There ARE still a few Republican men left will adequate levels of circulating testosterone not on their knees 24/7 licking the dust off the feminists' Manolo Blahniks .

Oy vey ist mir! (Yiddish for what the hell is wrong with these people!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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