Sunday, June 05, 2005

The glory of the impertinent question

Posted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 9:17 pm Post subject: Women today working for nothing.


Children really identify with their parents' behavior. When it comes to divorce behavior, women are more likely to follow their parents' marital behavior than men.

Re my Wash Times advert I've gotten nothing but positive responses from all over the political spectrum. I was expecting a barrage of criticism particularly from feminists and to a lesser extent liberals. I suspect divorce has touched so many families, people regardless of political affiliation are getting seriously rattled. Our political system will not survive the collapse of the American family.

Take the iFeminist board. All of you appear to disagree with me but I sense a deep sense of concern over these issues.

I want to ignite social revolution. That can only happen by asking impertinent questions. "The impertinent question is the glory and engine of human enquiry... Copernicus asked it and shook the foundations of Renaissance Europe. Darwin asked it and redefined mankind's sense of itself... Bill Gates asked it and was ignored for 5 minutes, which was long enough for him to dominate the industry...Civilization has always advanced in the shimmering wake of its discontents." (Gary Trudeau at the 1994 Yale commencement.)
With today's divorce rate our young adult population will consist of rootless, restless, angst ridden, economically marginalized young souls who'll be easy pickings for seduction by a totalitarian ideology.


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