Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The American prosperty delusion

Given the skyrocketing costs of housing, education and medical care we're actually getting poorer and poorer. We're simply consuming our capital in the same way old folks live off the proceeds of a reverse mortgage which of course leaves the children no inheritance. Things are so out of control in the 11/04 issue Oakland City Magazine published my letter:

“Polygamy is an affordability solution to the emergence of the Oakland million dollar bungalow on a postage-sized lot. Taking on multiple wives, or husbands, as the case may be will provide enough adult earners to carry the property and feed and clothe the family.”

The below video link to my remarks at the 4/29 Kellogg meeting in support of my proposal to sell the company addresses the false prosperty issues. http://investor.kelloggs.com/MediaRegister.cfm?MediaID=15614 After logging on fast forward to about 25:30. Submitted similar proposals to Heinz & General Mills.


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